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Kittens available.
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Welcome to our place !

The Lapis Oolong cattery is a small family breeding of Birman cats. We are located in Normandy, a pretty town between Evreux and Lisieux, 1hr30 from Paris/Orly Airport, 2hrs from Paris CDG Airport, 1hr10 from Rouen, 1hr20 from Le Havre.

We prefer Quality to quantity, thus we have few cats. They all live in our house where each of them is considered a member of the family, just as our other animals.

Our cats are all Birmans pure breed, all of them registered to the LOOF (french official book of the feline origins) and genetically identified for a better tracking of the kittens and with the aim of preventing from potential genetic diseases.

The meaning of the cattery’s name

You are may be wondering about the meaning of this name : lapis.oolong. It comes from the contraction of "Lapis Lazuli" (which is a semi-precious stone the colour of the Birmans’eyes) with "Oolong tea" (which is a Chinese green tea particularly appreciated at home).

As these two names were already registered, we have created the “Lapis Oolong” cattery.
Our philosophy and our values

The passion for Birmans is strongly established. We definitely love this breed, we love watching at them living together with us. We love talking about them and passing on what we’ve learned from them.

From one year to another, we schedule beautiful marriages, by patiently selecting the most beautiful cats among the most beautiful available lines. Thus we hope to produce always more beautiful cats, the kind of cats that make you dream so much when you are admiring them at feline shows.

Our overall objective is to preserve this marvellous Birman breed by planning controlled marriages between pedigreed cats.
Our particular goal is to help improving the characteristics of the Birman breed, even in a small way, in compliance with the french LOOF breed standard.

However, beyond technical aspects of breeding, the well-fare, happiness and good health (body and mind) of our cats is, and will always remain, the most important for us.

We have respect for each personality and we are taking good care of each particular taste and affinity of our cats. We are doing all we can to make our cats happy.
Taking care of our cats

Our cats have a strict sanitary and veterinary follow up. They are all vaccinated against panleukopenia, cat’s flue & feline leukemia.
They are regularly dewormed. Two or three times a year they are receiving a preventive external antiparasitic treatment.

Studs and queens have all been genetically tested PKD negative.

Food is also of high importance to us.
We are feeding our cats and kitten with both dry & fresh food, so that kitten could get used to both of them.
Dry food is carefully selected for its compounds and nutritive qualities and appropriate to their age and status.
Once a day, and they enjoy it very much, we give home-cooked fresh food such as meat or fresh fish, organic food whenever it is possible.

As a result, their health, growth and fur are very good : our kitten weigh over 2 kilos at the age of 3 months.

Indeed our cats are pampered, and we would not accept it another way !

We produce beautiful & happy cats, at ease in their bodies and in their mind as well.
We feel like showing them to you, to share our pleasure and our passion.

We do not wish to breed with profitability constraints, we are taking our time, independently, according to our rythm and point of view.

Would you need any information or if you just want to chat about cats, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will always reply to your calls/emails.

Breeders are welcome !


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